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Vibranium Mission


We strive to provide a hassle-free antivirus solution that works seamlessly

in the most complex situations.

Vibranium Vision


We aim to become a global market leader by updating our solution with the

next-generation technology and keep our customers secure in this digital world.

Vibranium Values


We value our virtues and take pride in providing the best cybersecurity

solution that is simple, seamless and cost-effective.


Vibranium is easy to use, simple to understand antivirus software protecting all the vistas of your digital life. Enjoy your peace of mind with Vibranium’s sophisticated antivirus software

providing all-round protection of your personal and business devices, data and network. The Most Reliable and Simple IT Security Solution to Solve your Complex Problems

VVirus Detection
IInvincible Layered Protection
BBanking Protection
RRealtime Behavior Detection
AAccelerated device performance
NNetwork Security
IIncreased Privacy
UUndefendable Ransomware Protection
MMinimalistic Resource Consumption
Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Vibranium has pioneered in solving complex problems including theft, viruses, malware with the simplest and easy to use solution taking into consideration the unique needs of the customers. Vibranium provides real-time protection with real-time behaviour detection enhancing your PC’s performance manifolds.

  • Zero-Day Attack Protection
  • Turbo Mechanism Hercules Engine
  • Real-time Protection with the Least Memory Usage
  • Advanced DNA Scan Mechanism
  • Mandatory Hourly Updates
  • Real-time Behaviour Detection
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Vibranium About Us



We, VIBRANIUM Alltech Private Limited have designed Cybersecurity Solutions to suit end Clients, Small businesses, Corporate houses, and Government establishments. Our Research and development team remains upon date viruses and makes sure to save the client’s data from cyber-attack, threats and malicious traffic before it strikes.
Mission of our Vibranium team is to provide Undefendable Cyber Security to Globe.

  • Rarest
  • Strongest
  • Lightest
  • Zero-Day Attack Protection
  • Turbo Mechanism Hercules Engine
  • Real-time Protection with the Least Memory Usage
  • Advanced DNA Scan Mechanism
  • Mandatory Hourly Updates
  • Real-time Behaviour Detection

Zero-day vulnerabilities can take almost any form and the hackers can exploit them adversely to affect data, programs or even a network. With a security database to remain updated with the viruses and threats taking place across the globe, Vibranium provides zero-day attack protection to stop the hackers from manifesting any type of broader software vulnerability.

Vibranium’s engine provides comprehensive protection from Trojans, worms, malware, spyware, rootkits and adware. Turbo Hercules Engine with cloud reputation supports a multithread engine that lets you multitask and perform various actions at the same time.

Vibranium provides real-time protection with the least memory usage. Vibranium is the most lightweight product and to load it all into RAM, it needs a storage space of just 77MB.

Advanced DNA Scan is Vibranium’s indigenous technology to detect and eliminate unknown and new malicious viruses and threats in the system. Whenever a threat is detected it asks the user to take an action and then later these suspicious files are submitted to our research lab for further analysis.
Manual scanning can be possible through:

  • Flash Scan:

    Threat Scan is used for the most critical part of the system generally where the malware resides. Performing a threat scan nullifies all the risks from your system.

  • Full Scan:

    Vibranium in full scan checks all network drives, removable storages, hard drives, system memory, registry items and start-up folders for viruses to detect threats present in any part of your PC.

  • Custom Scan:

    With a custom scan, you can check a specific area like your desktop, critical system files and program files or check your entire PC. The custom scan provides an option of Schedule Scan where you will be able to schedule a quick or full scan.

  • Boot Scan:

    There are viruses that can infect the boot sector and to eliminate that Vibranium provides a boot scan option.

  • USB Scan:

    USB Scan removes viruses in the infected USB and other removable devices.

Vibranium automatically updates the list of threats, items in threats hourly to keep your PC up-to-date and saves you from a sudden attack. You can achieve the highest level of protection with this facility of Vibranium.

Machine Learning based models with the threat behaviour engine can detect unknown suspicious malicious patterns at the beginning phases of execution. These real-time behaviour detection algorithms can prevent users from compromised data or data loss.

Wakeup India

Wakeup India

VIBRANIUM team will Prepare, Aware, Awaked and Developing next level Skill of channel partners for
prevention and curing technics by using of VIBRANIUM features against digital threats.

Wakeup India


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