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Sanjay Patolia

Story of Sanjay Patolia

Sanjay Patolia started working as a field engineer after dropping out of high school and moving to Ahmedabad from Junagadh in 1998.

Following that, he started with computer service and slowly started networking infrastructure implementation practice as well as sales to customers, and then gradually to grow business and start to channel sales and become regional distributor of Gujarat. During this journey of channel distribution, he collaborated with many well-known brands like CISCO, ASUS, Brother, Quick Heal, Norton, and many more till 2015.

From 1999 through the end of this Retail and Channel Sales journey, one thing remained consistent: "Antivirus software." He had a great enthusiasm in antivirus software and was always learning about antivirus solutions.

During this distribution business, he was closely connected to so many channel partners and actively participated at even the customer end, and he noticed that there is something lacking and that there is a massive triangular gap between actual requirements of Indian users, expected transparent channel policy for channel partners, and available options in the market for cyber security product.

Mr. Sanjay Patolia says that in his 20 years of experience, he has seen a significant mismatch in the Cyber Security industry in India, like when there is good proactive protection but the product is too heavy and the performance of the system is slow, when there is good detection but no curing methodology, when there is lightweight product but there is a lack of detection, when there is decent detection but complex setup and user interface, There was no ethical channel policy either, and there was no highly efficient regional technical support.

So, he receives a spark, and that fire was already burning inside him for a long time, so he decided to develop such an Antivirus product to integrate all mismatches that have been Lightest, Smallest, Fastest, and with the strongest protection and intelligent threat detection technology, as well as very simple to operate with highly proactive tech support and an ethical channel policy.

Since 2015, I’ve been creating antivirus software with two goals in mind: first, to make India ransom-free, and second, to establish a cyber security company and highly technology product for channel market sustainability and to be a cause for channel economic stability.

And start to make a product with multiple challenges and the target is to make a strongest and highest level of protection with extreme performance and lightweight for computers.

Sanjay Patolia and team started to develop an antivirus software with dream of Ransome free India

During the product’s research and development, he invested all of his efforts, knowledge, time, finances, and even half of his life to achieve his dream of a ransom-free India. development work was in full flow, but he realized that in this digital world, traditional antivirus technologies are becoming ineffective and are no longer able to provide data protection against emerging risks in the cyber world because cyber threats and cyber criminals are constantly improving themself by evolving the behaviors, frequency, and technique to reach out and manipulate data, in that scenario, we must develop innovative technology to tackle past, present, and future threats.

As result of this deep research and development in data science of a more than 7-8 Years and also integration of Artificial intelligence and machine learning Vibranium invented first time in the cyber-Security world “Vibranium Blue Dome”. It’s a completely revolutionary technology in proactive protection to identify, detect and block the cyber-attacks before its strike on your computer and modify or stole data.

Vibranium officially recognized as Name of of Vibranium in April 2021 and Launch first 2 Product in Market in September 2021 from Gandhinagar Gujarat.

“Wake up India” is a campaign to empower India’s channel partners by using latest Vibranium techniques and tools for providing complete data protection for customers and making them all into Super Heroes for their clients. Vibranium completed over 6000 partner training in over 75 cities across India between September 2021 and September 2022.

By blending extreme enthusiasm and deep knowledge of Cyber Security, as well as Mr. Sanjay Patolia ‘s extensive experience in channel distribution in India, vibranium made history in the antivirus industry of India, achieving remarkable achievements of 13+ States of India, 100+ Distributors, 11000+ Active Channel Partners, and 1 Lakh plus active users in just the first year of establishment.

The CEO prominently added: “among the more than 1 lakh active customers, there has been ZERO incident reported about Data loss by ransom attack” which is a fantastic success and a very proud moment for an Indian cyber security company.