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We, VIBRANIUM Alltech Private Limited have designed a Cybersecurity Solutions to suit end Clients, Small Business, Corporate houses and Government establishment. Our Research and development team remains up to date viruses and make sure to save the client’s data from cyber-attack, threats and malicious traffic before it strikes.

Mission of our Vibranium team is provide Undefendable Cyber Security to Globe.

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  • Strongest
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Mr. Sanjay Patolia

Certified information Security & Ethical Hacker
Founder & CEO Vibranium Alltech Pvt Ltd

Let’s make india Ransome Free

Defending ourselves is a fundamental human right from ancient time, today’s invisible and biggest threat is protecting your data from emerging Cyber threats.

Vibranium’s revolutionary and innovative technologies are designed to protect critical data from cyber-attacks.

“It’s not enough to see tomorrow with today’s perspective; we must see today with tomorrow’s understanding.”


Founder & CEO
Vibranium Alltech Pvt Ltd
Certified Ethical Hacker

(UID: PIAHM-22-001299)

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