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Full scan feature scan your entire computer along side with all drives and flash scan feature scan your operating system optimum location of malwares.

Traditionally Antivirus engines have definition for scanning threats, but in cloud reputation engine scanned by a VMA [Vibranium Malware Analysis] that perform and execute threats in cloud server with help of AI based mechanism and found unknown and newly multilayer malware within milliseconds.

“Yes” in Vibranium you can do anything while antivirus I scanning because VIBRANIUM has multi thread scan engine for multitasking operations.

It is complete depends on antivirus software you are using everyone has different technology of protection and we discuss about VIBRANIUM its 2.MARC Technology which is uniquely developed for optimum performance and unbeatable protection while using minimum system resource.

“A Million Dollar Question” VIBRANIUM cleaning tool is mostly used for highly infected computer where Vibranium not present, by using Vibranium cleaning tool you can detect and cure infections of computer.

Yes You can do it with Parental Conrol feature with 58 different category of websites for allow or disallow to your kids with password protection and you can customisable block of website and advertisements.

It’s highly secured with AES-128bit with military grade bunker technology encryption so its very much safe against any disaster (In presence of Vibranium in your PC).

Every day, there are thousands of new viruses on the Internet which can corrupt your computer and digital assets, delete or steal your important information and data. Antivirus is a program that protects your computer, laptop, or netbook against these threats by detecting and removing viruses.

Defending our self is basic fundamental human rights from immemorial time, nowadays invisible and biggest threat is cyber security.gna,

Sanjay Patolia - Founder & CEO