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Introducing Vibranium – end game for all the viruses and cyber-attack.WORLD CLASS CYBER SECURITY IS A CLICK AWAY

“Vibranium” has pioneered in solving complex and critical cyber threat attack and data theft with more simplest and
easy user interface consideration of the unique need of the customers.


Vibranium is protecting you with advanced anti-virus technology for Ransomware, Phishing, Worms, Trojans, spams, script, boat, backdoor, polymorphic infections with Realtime behaviour detection system, based on artificial intelligence which provides you all round protection of your digital devices.


Vibranium has Hercules multi thread cloud reputation engine and it’s made with highly upgraded technology for high-speed scanning, Vibranium is number one in his class to scanning, detecting and curing the files from infections of virus threat by behaviour detection and cloud reputation with multitasking ability.


Vibranium made by 2.MARC (Minimum Memory Allocation with Real time Console). Not only external threat attacks are harmful for computer, VIBRANIUM has undefendable protection as well as using MMARC technology its optimizing and boosting overall performance of your digital device by upgraded utilities for various junks in computer.


“Precautions is always better than cure” VIBRANIUM also armed with Data Knox. Data Knox is highly secured data locker and auto backing up feature for your important data. VIBRANIUM Data Knox backup technology is backing up your data with highly compressed and secured encrypted Bunker technology format which is unbeatale to any disaster attack.


Our tranquillity nowadays depends on the safety of our digital data and devices. In this digital era, anyone can be attacked by anyone and anywhere. Don’t worry, team Vibranium is here to protect you. For your peace of mind and a good nights sleep, our R&D teams monitors everything in real time 24X7, securing you from every possible threat out there.


Team Vibranium is proactive in assisting you through various platforms of technical support. Customer satisfaction and prompt technical support is our motto. Customer can reach our technical team by Remote Support, Toll free, Call, Chat or email. Scan QR Code on Product package for instant chat support. Quick response with ability to resolve is mission of our team.


Vibranium as an organization believes that channel partners are most important element for success. Vibranium is trusted brand of more than 2000 Channel Partners. Channel partners are our brand ambassador so be superhero for your customers. Trust is the social glue that holds business relationships together. We Vibranium always take care of our partners profitability by various Sales program.


Vibranium is most trusted antivirus company by our customers and
channel partners.

  • 145
  • 856
  • 358

Vibranium is most trusted by customers as well as highly proactive
updated virus database.

  • 582
  • 358
  • 145
  • 456
  • 856

Our Mission

We strive to provide a hassle-free antivirus solution that works seamlessly in the most complex situation.

Vibranium Vision

Our Vision

We aim to become a global market leader by updating our solutions with next generations technology and keep our customers secure in this digital world.

  • Proudly Make
    In India
  • And ISO 9000:2015

Frequatly asked Queastions

Full scan feature scan your entire computer along side with all drives and flash scan feature scan your operating system optimum location of malwares.

Traditionally Antivirus engines have definition for scanning threats, but in cloud reputation engine scanned by a VMA [Vibranium Malware Analysis] that perform and execute threats in cloud server with help of AI based mechanism and found unknown and newly multilayer malware within milliseconds.

“Yes” in Vibranium you can do anything while antivirus I scanning because VIBRANIUM has multi thread scan engine for multitasking operations.

It is complete depends on antivirus software you are using everyone has different technology of protection and we discuss about VIBRANIUM its 2.MARC Technology which is uniquely developed for optimum performance and unbeatable protection while using minimum system resource.

“A Million Dollar Question” VIBRANIUM cleaning tool is mostly used for highly infected computer where Vibranium not present, by using Vibranium cleaning tool you can detect and cure infections of computer.

Yes You can do it with Parental Conrol feature with 58 different category of websites for allow or disallow to your kids with password protection and you can customisable block of website and advertisements.

It’s highly secured with AES-128bit with military grade bunker technology encryption so its very much safe against any disaster (In presence of Vibranium in your PC).

Every day, there are thousands of new viruses on the Internet which can corrupt your computer and digital assets, delete or steal your important information and data. Antivirus is a program that protects your computer, laptop, or netbook against these threats by detecting and removing viruses.

Defending ourselves as a fundamental human right from ancient times, today's invisible and biggest threat is cyber security. the core mission of vibranium is to keep it simple, effective, and affordable.

Sanjay Patolia - Founder & CEO

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